Caprese Twice Baked Red Skin Potatoes

Caprese Twice Baked Red Skin Potatoes is tomato, basil, and mozzarella combined with the potato and then topped off with a balsamic drizzle. …

BLT Cheese Ball {Easy 3 Ingredient Recipe}

BLT Cheese Ball is an easy cheese ball recipe. This 3 ingredient recipe features bacon and cheese. You will love that a blt dip has been transformed into a cheese ball!

Jerk Chicken Burger With Tropical Slaw {#BURGERMONTH #GIRLCARNIVORE}

The Jerk Chicken Burger with Tropical slaw is one of the epic burger recipes for Burger Month! This grilled chicken burger is full of spicy Jamaican flavor. It is the slaw recipe that cools this easy jerk chicken recipe down!

Blackened Cajun Mushroom Melt Panini

Blackened Cajun Mushroom Melt Panini is savory mushrooms blackened with Cajun seasonings and placed on Challah bread with melted cheese and baby greens and pressed into a panini.  Did you make any New Years resolutions this year? Me, no not really. I made “hopes” for 2016. One is to eat healthier and lose weight, another is …

Girl’s Night In: Tuscan Sunrise With Veev Acai Liquor

So, was asked on Facebook what been going on with me. I have been very quiet. Well first, had internet issues, then I had a bout with the flu. So that was the main reasons as to why I been quiet, however, within the last few days I have had what I call, “ah huh” moment, …

Irish Hash Bown Bake {Easy Casserole Recipe}

Irish Hash Brown Bake is a simple Reuben casserole. This hash brown casserole uses hash brown patties to make this an easy casserole recipe. Looking for something different for a hash brown casserole, then you have to try this Irish hash brown bake!

Strawberry Moscow Mule {Refreshing Drink To Chill With}

Strawberry Moscow Mule is a refreshing strawberry cocktail. This Moscow mule drink recipe uses ginger ale instead of ginger beer for a crisper taste. You love to relax with a glass of this strawberry Moscow Mule