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Deanna Samaan
Dee Samaan

Hi, I am Deanna or as most people call me Dee. Everyone has a love affair with food. That is my motto. Why?  Because it is true.

How many times have we cheated with it or over-indulged in it? How about when it betrays you and adds on a few extra pounds? Food can be just like a relationship and seduces you in all these areas.

It gives you comfort when needed. Joins in on celebrations of the heart, and at times, food even gives your mouth pure joy. That was the thought behind Seduction in The Kitchen.

That was how I came up with the name for my food blog. I have always enjoyed cooking. In a way, you can say cooking and baking saved me. It became therapy for me after a very painful divorce and coming to terms that I had been mentally and emotionally abused in my marriage.

Originally from Pittsburgh, PA, I moved to Cleveland, Oh when I had first got married so that my ex can do his residency at one the hospitals. Life can be interesting for a native Pittsburgher living in Cleveland. I have endured all the challenges that have to face me because of that.

Besides being from Pittsburgh, I am also a phlebotomist. I have had a phlebotomy career for almost 20 years. When comes to lab medicine, I have done it all, both in Cleveland and in Pittsburgh.

 Besides being a phlebotomist, I love learning new things. Getting out there and improving myself. I am always willing to try something at least once.

Work With Deanna

Deanna Samaan
Deanna Samaan

I love creating new recipes. Not only have I created recipes for Seduction in the Kitchen, but I have worked with Parade Magazine Community Table to curate recipe posts.  My recipes have also been featured in Huffington Post and on MSN Food as well.

I worked with a few brands to develop recipes for. A few examples are Halo Dips, as seen on the BLT Cheese Ball, Ragu in the Sausage and Peppers Mostaccioli, and Campbell’s Soup on French Onion Rice. I have also started doing recipe videos as well which can be seen on my YouTube Channel.

I am always willing to listen to what ideas you have. What your needs are. Plus what you would want from me. Just email me with your proposal at deanna@seductioninthekitchen.com and we will talk.

And remember, “Just like with all great relationships, learning a new technique and adding a little bit of spice can lead to … a Seduction in the Kitchen”

Meet Deanna Samaan. I am the creative force behind the recipe blog, Seduction in the Kitchen.  Come get to know me and work and my little food blog.