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Cherry Streusel Pie {Cherry Crumb Pie With Streusel Topping}

Cherry Streusel Pie is a cherry pie recipe with a streusel topping. This cherry crumb pie uses a ready-made cherry pie filling for an easy pie recipe! The streusel topping really makes this the best cherry pie recipe.

Rudolph’s Punch {Easy Christmas Sangria Punch}

Rudolph’s Punch is a Christmas punch recipe. This sangria punch will be the hit of the Christmas party. If you are looking for a Christmas sangria then look no further than this easy sangria recipe!

Red Gold Tomatoes Lasagna Soup {Hearty Winter Soup Recipe}

 Red Gold Tomatoes Lasagna Soup is the easy soup recipe. Inspired by traditional a traditional lasagna recipe, this winter soup recipe is served up with a piece of garlic cheesy bread! You will want to add this Italian soup to your collection of hearty soup recipes!

French Dip Meatball Subs {Simple Slow Cooker Sandwich Recipe}

French Dip Meatball Subs is one of my recipes for budget meals. These French dip sandwiches are yummy. You will love this unique meatball sandwich recipe.

Orange Snowball Cookies {The Jewel Cookie Of Your Tray}

Orange Snowball Cookies uses blood orange juice for a delightful citrus twist on the traditional snowball cookies recipe. This Christmas cookie recipe will melt in your mouth. These orange cookies will look beautiful on your Christmas cookie tray!

BBQ Battered Onion Rings: Smokey BBQ Batter On Onion Rings

 BBQ Battered Onion Rings are a great twist on traditional onion ring by adding a hint of BBQ to the batter.

Holiday Cookie Baking Guide {With 31 Easy Christmas Cookies}

Holiday Cookie Baking Guide and Recipes are full of tips and tricks to create the perfect holiday cookies! If you want to bake the best Christmas cookies then this cookie guide is what you need. Plus it has some really nice and easy holiday cookies you can make!

Dumante Baklava Muffins

It is my birthday, yep October 6 is my birthday. I realized as I am a year older now, I have been growing and changing. With the move to the new apartment, I have felt my energies change. I know I am truly starting new. Every year I make a wish, and usually the same wish …

Simple Ricotta Mashed Potatoes {Bring On That Garlic Ricotta Flavor}

Ricotta Mashed Potatoes has the touch of ricotta and bit of garlic for the best mashed potatoes recipe! These ricotta potatoes are such a creamy mashed potatoes recipe. This garlic ricotta mashed potatoes will be your favorite new side dish to whip up

Hot German Noodle Salad {Pennsylvania Dutch Salad Recipe}

Hot German Noodle Salad is a Pennsylvania Dutch salad recipe. This German noodle dish will fill you up and is a perfect side dish. You will love serving this easy noodle salads recipe.

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