Margarita Glazed {Boozy} Popcorn

Margarita Glazed Boozy Popcorn is an adult way to enjoy glazed popcorn. This fancy popcorn recipe is like a caramel corn only with margarita mix and tequila instead. You will love this creative popcorn recipe.

Baked Cheese Crackers {Simple Homemade Crackers}

Baked Cheese Crackers are simple homemade crackers. Based on a cheese straws recipe, these cheese crackers really are flavorful. These cheese snacks are so simple to make!

Effortless Reese’s Pieces Cookie Dough Balls {Edible Cookie Dough}

Reeses Pieces Cookie Dough Balls are edible cookie dough for one. This edible peanut butter cookie dough is the perfect way to get some energy when you need it. Best of these cookie dough balls have Reeses Pieces in them!

Red Velvet Chocolate Covered Strawberries {And Cream Cheese}

Red Velvet Chocolate Covered Strawberries is chocolate strawberries with a red velvet cake mix. Then there is a  cream cheese glaze drizzled onto the chocolate shell of this strawberry. This chocolate covered fruit is amazing!

BBQ Flavored Pretzels {Easy 2 Ingredient Pretzel Recipe}

BBQ Flavored Pretzels are easy snacks to make! This recipe for seasoned pretzels is only a few ingredients for these bbq pretzels. You will love these flavored pretzels that are copycat recipe Snyder pretzels!

Brownie Pops #Choctoberfest #Sponsored

Brownie pops are like cake pops only they are made with brownies! If you are looking for a chocolate cake pops recipe, how about trying brownie pops instead! For an added bonus this chocolate treat is made with healthy brownies!

{Koval Whiskey} Cracker Jack Popcorn: Sweet Copycat Recipe

Koval Whiskey Cracker Jack Popcorn is a caramel corn recipe. This is a copycat Cracker Jack recipe has a whiskey caramel sauce made with Koval whiskey.  Looking for a fun, homemade caramel corn recipe, look no further!