No Bake Pumpkin Cookies {Easy Pumpkin Cookies}

No Bake Pumpkin Cookies is a recipe for no bake cookies. These easy pumpkin cookies can be made and ready to eat in minutes! You are going to love these easy no bake cookies

Tiramisu Latte {Tiramisu Dessert Meets Latte}

Tiramisu Latte is inspired by the tiramisu dessert. This latte recipe is a creamy and sweet latte drink recipe. One sip and you will agree it is the best tiramisu recipe as a latte! Start your morning off with a sweet tiramisu latte!

Stuffed Pierogie Shells {Poor Man’s Homemade Pierogies}

Stuffed Pierogie Shells is a recipe with jumbo shells! If you want homemade pierogies then these stuffed lasagna shells with a potato pierogi filling are perfect! If you like pierogi lasagna this version of poor man’s homemade pierogies you will love too!

Effortless Marinated Olives {Marinated With Red Wine Vinaigrette}

Marinated Olives With Red Wine Vinaigrette is a tasty and healthy snack! These pickled olives are perfect snacks for wine night. So whip up a batch of marinated olives for a crowd!

Orange Cherry Cranberry Sauce {Homemade Cranberry Sauce}

Homemade cranberry sauce is very easy to make for the holidays. This Orange Cherry Cranberry Sauce is a cranberry sauce recipe that is full of wonderful flavor. You can omit the cherries and just make this as cranberry sauce with orange!

Apple Stuffed Chicken Breast {A Savory Stuffing For Chicken}

Apple Stuffed Chicken Breast is a savory chicken recipe. The sweet apple stuffing as the stuffing recipe for chicken breast really makes this stuffed chicken breast amazing! You love this stuffed chicken breast with stuffing!

{How To Make} Leftover Chinese Rice Pudding Recipe

Leftover Chinese Food Rice Pudding is a how to make rice pudding with leftover rice. Everyone has leftover steamed rice that comes with Chinese food. So why not make it into rice pudding with cooked rice