French Onion Rice {Simple and Flavorful Rice Side Dish}

French Onion Rice is an easy flavored rice recipe that you can make with Campbell’s French Onion Soup.  This basmati rice recipe is full of wonderful French onion flavor. This onion rice is quick and easy rice side dish you are going to love.

Deconstructed Skillet Apple Dumplings #AppleWeek #sponsor

Deconstructed Skillet Apple Dumplings is an easy apple dumpling recipe. This fuss-free recipe is perfect for a quick apple dessert!

Apple Pie Ice Cream {Easy No Churn Recipe} #AppleWeek #AD

Do you ever have leftover apple pie? How about crumbling up that apple pie and adding it to a no churn ice cream recipe! That is the secret to this yummy Apple Pie ice cream!

Apple Dumplings {Simple Apple Dessert Recipe} #AppleWeek #AD

These apple dumplings are simple to make. What makes this apple dessert so simple is pie crust and apple pie filling! Want an even better dessert, try these apple blossoms with some vanilla ice cream!

{Crock Pot} Baked Spaghetti {Easy Dinner Recipe}

Crock Pot Baked Spaghetti is an easy baked spaghetti recipe. This slow cooker spaghetti is savory and filling. You will love crock pot spaghetti with this baked spaghetti.

The Grey Stuff Cupcakes {Inspired By Walt Disney World Recipe}

The Grey Stuff Cupcakes inspired by a popular treat at Walt Disney World. You recall from Beauty and The Beast, “try the grey stuff, it’s delicious.” That’s what this cupcake recipe is, the grey stuff on a chocolate cupcake.

Pittsburgh Devonshire Sandwich {Classic Pittsburgh Sandwich}

Pittsburgh Devonshire Sandwich is an open face turkey sandwich that is part of the Pittsburgh sandwiches origins. This turkey Devonshire is perfect if you are craving a taste of Pittsburgh. The Devonshire recipe is a hot sandwich recipe that is very satisfying.