Apple Fritters {Simple Breakfast Pastries}

Apple Fritters AKA Apple fried donuts are wonderful breakfast pastries! This apple fritter donut is so yummy with a cup of coffee in the morning! You will like making up a batch of these apple fritters recipe for your family to enjoy!

Chicken Paprikash {Easy and Yummy Hungarian Recipe}

Chicken Paprikash is a wonderful Hungarian recipe. This creamy chicken dish is made with sweet Hungarian paprika and spaetzle. Top this Hungarian paprikash off with a little sour cream for great comfort food!

Apple Pie Cupcakes with Caramel Buttercream

Apple Pie Cupcakes is an easy cake mix cupcakes recipe. You will love the caramel buttercream that these apple cupcakes are topped with. If you are looking for a new cupcake flavor, then try this apple pie cupcake!

Apple Pie Muffins {Easy Muffin Recipe With Leftover Pie}

Apple Pie Muffins is a simple muffin recipe with a crumbled apple pie. These moist and delicious apple muffins are perfect for using leftover apple pie. So if you want an easy muffin recipe, you need to make these apple pie muffins!

Pear Raisin Bread {Simple Quick Bread Recipe}

Pear Raisin Bread is a simple quick bread recipe. Sweet pears with raisins are what make this a flavorful bread. This pear bread is a great fall recipe you can make for your family!

Crab Cake Sliders {Easy Crab Cake Sauce: Lemon Dill Aioli}

Crab Cake Sliders is a wonderful slider recipe.  This crab cake sandwich has a tasty dill sauce recipe. With the crab cakes sauce and these slider sandwiches, you have an amazing game night menu!

Witch Panties {Simple Spooky Cocktail}

Witch Panties is a fun Halloween cocktail. This spooky cocktail contains Midori liqueur to give it that glowing green color. Add in a little cocktail cream and you got a sweet cocktail!

Sausage Stuffed Mushrooms Pasta {Easy One Skillet Meal}

Sausage Stuffed Mushroom Pasta is an easy sausage pasta. If you like sausage stuffed mushrooms, then you love this one-skillet meal.

Pork Spring Roll Bowl {Simple One Dish Meal}

Pork Spring Roll Bowl is an easy spring roll recipe. This egg roll in a bowl is a simple one dish meal you can make for your family. You love serving this pork spring roll recipe for dinner!

Tailgate Pierogies with Kielbasa, Bacon, and Onions

Tailgate pierogies is an awesome recipe that uses pierogies, bacon, onions, and kielbasa. These crockpot pierogies secret is the sauce. Looking for a pierogi casserole that will amaze the taste buds? Look no further!