Creamy Italian Chicken Flavored Noodles {Simple Pasta Side Dish}

Creamy Italian Chicken Flavored Noodles is one of my quick side dishes. This chicken flavor noodle recipe is great when you are on a budget. If you are looking for easy noodle recipes, then this Italian pasta side dish is what you will want to make!

Cheesy Ranch Skillet Potatoes {Easy Potato Side Dish}

Cheesy Ranch Skillet Potatoes is an easy potato side dish! These ranch potatoes have a cheesy ranch flavor. These skillet potatoes are perfect for any meal!

Simple Ricotta Mashed Potatoes {Bring On That Garlic Ricotta Flavor}

Ricotta Mashed Potatoes has the touch of ricotta and bit of garlic for the best mashed potatoes recipe! These ricotta potatoes are such a creamy mashed potatoes recipe. This garlic ricotta mashed potatoes will be your favorite new side dish to whip up

Cajun Crawfish Dressing {A Southern Holiday Side Dish}

Cajun Crawfish Dressing is seafood cornbread dressing. This southern cornbread dressing recipe has Cajun flavor and of course crawfish! You are going to love this crawfish dressing for the holidays!

Bavarian Slow Cooker Green Beans {With A rich Buttery Sauce}

Bavarian Slow Cooker Green Beans is a slow cooker green beans recipe that has a rich buttery sauce. You will love the flavor in these German green beans. If you want green beans with bacon, then this is the recipe for you!

Oktoberfest Beer Sweet Potato Fries {Spiced Balsamic Dipping Sauce}

Oktoberfest Beer Sweet Potato Fries with Spiced Balsamic Dipping Sauce are hand-cut sweet potato fries that have been soaked in Oktoberfest beer. These crispy baked sweet potato fries are a wonderful fall recipe. The star of this sweet potato recipe is the sauce for sweet potato fries! 

Oktoberfest Mac ‘n Cheese {Beer Cheese Macaroni}

Oktoberfest Mac ‘n Cheese is beer cheese homemade mac n cheese recipe made with Great Lakes Oktoberfest Beer.  This Oktoberfest food idea is a favorite Oktoberfest recipe.