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Title image for Dessert RecipesHaving dessert at the end of a meal is a sweet ending and one that most everyone enjoys. A yummy dessert simply will give your mouth pure pleasure when you taste that sweetness it has.

Chocolates, cheesecakes, cookies and more, these are simply mouth orgasms you will enjoy. Everyone deserves something sweet and there are so many forms of this meal ending sweet sensation that you will have no trouble finding one that suits your tastes.

This a collection of all the Dessert recipes on Seduction in the Kitchen. From the cookie recipes to cakes and everything in between. If you’re needing something special to celebrate with or if you just need some comfort, than you are in the right category.

So go ahead and look, you will find some sinful creations that will simply seduce you and your taste buds. You will be satisfied with these recipes. And most likely coming back for more.

Chocolate Cherry Almond Chutney #choctoberfest

Chocolate Cherry Almond Chutney is a wonderful topping that is great for pound cake. One taste and you will be in chocolate heaven

Old Fashion Apple Cake

  A friend told me a long time ago that there is no such thing as luck. He has told me this a few times, when I say, “I can not believe all the bad luck I am having.” Or “wish me luck.” Last Thursday I had my first ever car accident, someone rear ended me. …

No Bake S’mores Treats {No Bake Golden Grahams Treats}

No Bake S’mores Treats are great Golden Grahams treats! This no bake recipe was inspired from chocolate rice crispy treats. These s’mores bars are addicting!

Vanilla Sugar Pie {With Cinnamon Whipped Cream}

Vanilla Sugar Pie with Cinnamon Whipped Cream is a wonderful homemade pie recipe. What makes this sugar pie recipe pop with flavor is the vanilla sugar that is used to make this easy pie recipe. This cream sugar pie is then topped off with a flavored whipped cream.

{Moscato} Peach Cobbler

Moscato Peach Cobbler is a simple peach desserts recipe that has sweet Moscato wine in. The two flavors of Moscato wine and peach cobbler is a marriage made in heaven. This Moscato wine recipe will seduce your taste buds with this simple, elegant peach cobbler recipe dessert!

Dumante Soaked Plum Cake

Dumante Soaked Plum Cake An Italian sweet cake that is topped with fresh plums soaked in Dumante liquor.  A recipe from Seduction in the Kitchen It is no secret that I deal with stress by cooking and baking. I channel my stress into creative recipes. I also use that stress creativity into other avenues that allow …

(Alize Golden) Strawberry Coffee Cake

Alize Golden Strawberry Coffee Cake is a moist, yummy coffee cake that will delight your taste buds. a #recipe from Seduction in the kitchen. It felt so good this weekend to let my apartment just air out. The weather was so nice outside. With Easter coming up very soon, I hope this nice weather sticks around. …

New York Style Cheesecake

New York Style Cheesecake is a creamy sinfully delicious cheesecake that will give your mouth pure pleasure with each bite. A recipe from Seduction in the Kitchen.

Simple Peach Cobbler {Yummy Peach Dump Cobbler}

Simple Peach Cobbler is simple peach cobbler recipe. This cobbler recipe is one of my yummy dessert recipes that you can whip up. This recipe is a peach dump cobbler. Just dump it and bake it! It doesn’t get any better.

Mango Coconut Sticky Rice

Mango Coconut Sticky Rice is a simple sweet dessert that is popular in Thai restaurants. This dish is so is the perfect to have after a heavy meal. A recipe from Seduction in the Kitchen. Video Redo This Mango Coconut Sticky Rice is one of my makeover recipes. I originally published this recipe on June 7, …