Irish Potato Leek Soup {Delightful Soup For St Patrick’s Day}

Irish Potato Leek Soup is a creamy potato soup that uses leeks but also is flavored with dill. This potato soup will soon become a new favorite to make.

Slow Cooker Potato Chowder: Thick and Hearty Soup Perfect for Winter

Slow Cooker Potato Chowder is an easy and savory cheesy potato soup made in the slow cooker. This thick and hearty soup will warm you right up.

Japanese Onion Mushroom Udon Soup #Fortune #ChefYaki

Japanese Onion Mushroom Udon Soup is a wonderful Oriental flavored simple soup that you can make within 15 minutes. This soup will warm you up on the chilliest of nights.

Poorman’s Meatball Soup Made In A Slow Cooker Recipe

Poorman’s Meatball Soup is a meatball soup slow cooker recipe. I just threw what I had in my pantry into a slow cooker. The results were amazing.  It is the perfect in-between payday type for soups. …

Almost Famous Slow Cooker Split Pea Soup {Vegetarian Style}

Slow Cooker Split Pea Soup is “almost famous.” This slow cooker vegetarian split pea soup is based on Pea Soup Andersens famous endless bowl pea soup. This slow cooker pea soup is not only vegetarian but also dairy free.

Bacon Mac n Cheese Soup

Bacon Mac n Cheese Soup is a soup version of the ultimate comfort food, mac n cheese. Adding bacon to it brings it to a new level of taste excitement. A recipe from Seduction in the Kitchen. …

Sweet Italian Chili: Chili Without A Lot Of Spice But Still Hearty

Sweet Italian Chili is a hearty, sweet Chili that is full of sweet tomato Italian flavor. If you need a chili that isn’t very spicy, then this is perfect for you. …