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Title image for Bread RecipesBread, it can be made with yeast or one bowl as a quick style. The smell of baking bread can warm up an entire house. There is nothing like a slice of it when fresh from the oven.

You can use it for sandwiches or simple as just something that accommodates your evening meal. Don’t forget, it can also be a sweet treat as well.

This a collection of all the bread recipes on Seduction in the Kitchen. From the a simple quick recipe to the complex yeast versions. The doughy creations of these wonderful versatile recipes are going to be listed on here.

So go ahead and let your taste buds be seduced. I’m sure you find something you are going to like.

Apple Pie Muffins {Easy Muffin Recipe With Leftover Pie}

Apple Pie Muffins is a simple muffin recipe with a crumbled apple pie. These moist and delicious apple muffins are perfect for using leftover apple pie. So if you want an easy muffin recipe, you need to make these apple pie muffins!

Pear Raisin Bread {Simple Quick Bread Recipe}

Pear Raisin Bread is a simple quick bread recipe. Sweet pears with raisins are what make this a flavorful bread. This pear bread is a great fall recipe you can make for your family!

Chocolate Peanut Butter Pull-Apart Bread

Chocolate Peanut Butter Pull-Apart Bread is an easy 3 ingredient pull apart bread recipe! This easy chocolate peanut butter recipe is a chocolate lovers dream!

Cinnamon Raisin Banana Bread {Combination Of 2 Favorite Breads}

Cinnamon Raisin Banana Bread combines moist banana bread and a cinnamon raisin bread recipe into one! This cinnamon banana bread is great with a cup of coffee. You will love making this homemade banana bread!

Chocolate Raspberry Bread {Double Chocolate Quick Bread}

Chocolate raspberry bread is a simple and delicious quick bread recipe. The raspberry chocolate combination is what makes this double chocolate bread irresistible.

Italian Peasant Bread

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Pineapple Zucchini Bread {Easy Quick Bread Recipe}

Pineapple Zucchini Bread is a sweet zucchini pineapple bread. This easy quick bread recipe will be your new favorite with a cup of coffee! You will love this pineapple bread!

Banana Foster Bread {The Best Banana Bread Recipe}

Banana Foster Bread is caramel banana bread. This award winning banana bread recipe is like eating banana fosters but as the ultimate moist banana bread! One bite and you will agree this is the best banana bread recipe in the world!

Paska Bread #SundaySupper

Happy Easter! You go into a store, smell the aroma of the flowers like the lilies in bloom, waiting to go home with someone for the holiday. Bags of candies like jelly beans, those peanut butter eggs, and of course chocolate bunnies waiting to be bought to fill up Easter baskets. Yep, it is all signs …

Barbari Bread {A Easy Persian Bread To Make}

Barbari Bread is a Persian bread that is easy to make. This Iranian bread is wonderful to eat with a big bowl of soup! If you are new to bread making then barbari bread is perfect for you.