Pierogi Hot Dog {Over The Top Ballpark Hot Dog}

The Pierogi Hot Dog is inspired by ballpark food. This over the top hot dog has sauteed onions, sauerkraut, and of course pierogies! This stadium dog is inspired by my hometown, Pittsburgh.

Simple Smoked Salmon and Dill Goat Cheese Grilled Cheese

Smoked Salmon and Dill Goat Cheese Grilled Cheese is a gourmet grilled cheese recipe. This smoked salmon sandwich was voted as one of the top 7 fanciest grilled cheese recipes by Parade Magazine.  You will love this grilled cheese with mayo!

Hard Root Beer Sloppy Joes {Best Sloppy Joe Recipe}

Hard Root Beer Sloppy Joes are the best sloppy joe recipe! This slow cooker sloppy joe recipe features hard root beer in the sloppy joe sauce! If you want easy sloppy joes, look no further then this hard root beer version!

Steak and Mimmolette Grilled Cheese

Steak and Mimmolette Grilled Cheese was created for National Grilled Cheese Day. The combination of seasoned steak with the delicious semi-firm French Mimmolette cheese. that has a sharp and nutty flavor, is wonderful together.

Crab Cake Sliders {With Lemon Dill Aioli}

Crab Cake Sliders is a slider recipe has a lemon dill sauce that goes so well with the crab cakes! These slider sandwiches are perfect for game night!

Chicken Parmesan Sub {4 Ingrdient Recipe}

Chicken Parmesan Sub is the best chicken parmesan recipe! This sandwich is only 4 ingredients! How about making this easy chicken parmesan for dinner.

Pittsburgh Devonshire Sandwich {Classic Pittsburgh Sandwich}

Pittsburgh Devonshire Sandwich is an open face turkey sandwich that is part of the Pittsburgh sandwiches origins. This turkey Devonshire is perfect if you are craving a taste of Pittsburgh. The Devonshire recipe is a hot sandwich recipe that is very satisfying.