Pumpkin Crunch Bars {Better Than Pumpkin Pie}

Pumpkin Crunch Bars are better than pumpkin pie. The shortbread crust has a touch of ground pecans in it for that crunch factor. One bite of this pumpkin crunch recipe and you will be in love.

Philly Cheesesteak Stromboli Recipe {Simple Man Food}

Philly Cheesesteak Stromboli uses Steak umms to make this man food. This stromboli recipe has cheese, onions, peppers, and mushrooms with a garlic butter sauce. This is an easy Philly cheesesteak recipe.

Low Sugar Chicken Meatball Parmesan Sliders #tailgatingSnacks

Low Sugar Chicken Meatball Parmesan Sliders is perfect for Football tailgating season. They are snack size and best of all the sauce low in sugar! Healthy Changes My dad recently was told he needs to change his eating habits because his sugar is a little high. He is like me the taste of artificial low-calorie sugar …

Cranberry Walnut Stuffing {Simple Stuffing Recipe}

Cranberry Walnut Stuffing is a flavorful cranberry stuffing. A stuffing recipe for Thanksgiving is an essential holiday side dish. This homemade stuffing recipe will sure to please everyone.

Simple Chunky Salsa Recipe {Pico de Gallo Salsa}

A Simple Chunky Salsa or also known as pico de gallo salsa is a great way to enjoy fresh salsa. This chunky salsa recipe is very easy to make. You will never buy bottled salsa again after making your own fresh salsa.

Cranberry Balsamic Dressing: A Great Way To Use Up Leftover Cranberry Sauce

Cranberry Balsamic Dressing is easy to make using leftover cranberry sauce from the holidays. Adding the Taste of Old Country’s Vanilla Fig balsamic adds great flavor to this dressing!  

Sauerkraut and Noodles

Sauerkraut and Noodles is a German side dish that is not only full of flavor but is very filling. It can be a meal in itself. Not only is this a German side dish but can also be known as polish noodles and sauerkraut.

Chocolate Cherry Almond Chutney #choctoberfest

Chocolate Cherry Almond Chutney is a wonderful topping that is great for pound cake. One taste and you will be in chocolate heaven

Apple Pie Muffins

Apple Pie Muffins is a muffin with crumbled apple pie baked right into it. This moist and delicious treat is the perfect way to use up leftover apple pie. Surprise I know I said I was taking 2 weeks off to redo the old posts. No, your eyes are not deceiving you, these apple pie muffins …

Cinnamon Raisin Banana Bread {Combination Of 2 Favorite Breads}

Cinnamon Raisin Banana Bread combines moist banana bread and a cinnamon raisin bread recipe into one! This cinnamon banana bread is great with a cup of coffee. You will love making this homemade banana bread!

(P.M.S Craving) Gourmet Chocolate Covered Pretzels

P.M.S Craving Gourmet Chocolate Covered Pretzels is a woman’s best friend. It has the sweet, crunchy, salty, and of course, chocolate taste that we want. …