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Mermaid Dreams Cocktail {The Summer Cocktail Shot}

Mermaid Dreams Cocktail is a pretty summer cocktail shot. This cocktail recipe has a shimmery liquid that glistens like a mermaid’s tail. This coconut flavored drink will be your cocktail for the summer.

Raspberry Nectarine Sangria

Raspberry Nectarine Sangria is a refreshing summer drink. This easy Moscato sangria recipe is the perfect way to relax after a hot day in the sun. This sangria with peach schnapps will be your new summer cocktail!

Cherry Lime Rickey {Cherry Twist On A Great Gatsby Cocktail}

Cherry Lime Rickey is a cherry twist on an old classic lime rickey cocktail. You will love this popular Great Gatsby cocktail. This lime rickey os one the great retro cocktail recipes.

Peep Drop Martini {Fun Spring Time Cocktail}

Peep Drop Martini is a marshmallow peep twist onto the lemon drop martini. This lemon drop martini drink recipe features Pau Maui Vodka and Limoncello. This Peep martini is a fun way to celebrate Spring.

Unicorn Kisses Cocktail {Whimsical And Purple Cocktail}

Unicorn Kisses Cocktail is a whimsical, fun adult drink. The tart meets sweet with then it is sprinkled with shimmer.

Blood Orange Margarita: Winter Citrus Margarita Cocktail For Celebrating

Blood Orange Margarita gives a new citrus taste to the classic margarita. The deep wine color of the blood orange makes this margarita cocktail pretty and also so very yummy. Perfect for a winter celebration.

Dark Cherry Fireside Cider: Slow Cooker Wine Cocktail To Warm You Up

Dark Cherry Fireside Cider is an easy slow cooker holiday wine cocktail. Perfect to sip on a chilly winter evening.

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