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Are you looking for an alcoholic drink? It has to be 5 o’clock somewhere!

Cocktail recipes are the best way to unwind after a hard day. An alcoholic drink is also a great way to socialize with friends!

Seduction in the Kitchen has some great cocktail recipes for you to enjoy no matter what your reason is!

Raspberry Nectarine Sangria {Refreshing Sweet Sangria Recipe}

Raspberry Nectarine Sangria is a refreshing summer drink. This easy Moscato sangria recipe is the perfect way to relax after a hot day in the sun. This sangria with peach schnapps will be your new summer cocktail!

Peep Drop Martini {Fun Marshmallow Peeps Cocktail}

Peep Drop Martini is a marshmallow peeps twist onto the lemon drop martini recipe. This lemon drop martini drink recipe features Pau Maui Vodka and Limoncello. This Peeps recipe is a fun addition for easter cocktails!

Blood Orange Margarita {Winter Cocktail With Blood Orange}

Blood Orange Margarita is a citrus margarita. This cocktail with blood orange has a deep wine color that you will love. Try this blood orange drink, you will be glad that you did!

Cherry Lime Rickey {Cherry Taste On A Great Gatsby Cocktail}

Cherry Lime Rickey is part of the gatsby food! These cherry drinks is an updated retro drink, the lime rickey cocktail. This rickey cocktail is a great cocktail blast from the past!

Sparkling Snowfall Cocktail {Italian Soda Christmas Drink}

Sparkling Snowfall Cocktail is easy Christmas cocktails inspired by the Italian soda! These Italian cocktails feature vanilla vodka and Torani syrup for a wonderful Christmas drink!

The Yule Log Cocktail {Eggnog Cocktail With Fireball Whisky}

The Yule Log cocktail is an eggnog cocktail. The yule log is creamy eggnog with Fireball Whiskey for great Christmas alcoholic drinks! These fireball mixed drinks are the perfect Christmas shots!

Rudolph’s Punch {Easy Christmas Sangria Punch}

Rudolph’s Punch is a Christmas punch recipe. This sangria punch will be the hit of the Christmas party. If you are looking for a Christmas sangria then look no further than this easy sangria recipe!