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Title image for pizza recipesPizza, it is America’s favorite dish. It comes in many forms and can be made any way you love. From the plain cheese to something bit more exotic like balsamic shrimp scampi pizza.

This Italian pie dish is one of those foods that even the pickiest of eaters will have a favorite of this Italian food. Plus it can be deep dish or hand tossed, there are endless combinations of America’s favorite food.

This a collection of all the pizza based recipes on Seduction in the Kitchen. From the rolls recipe to flatbread, if it has the basics of cheese, sauce, and dough,  then those recipes are going to be listed on here. So go ahead and let your taste buds be seduced.

Ranch Steak and Potato Flatbread {Filling Flatbread Recipe}

Ranch Steak and Potato Flatbread is a filling flatbread recipe! Steak and potatoes made into one of the Hidden Valley Ranch Recipes with these flatbread toppings. This flatbread recipe is simply yummy!

The Mac Pizza {Big Mac Pizza}

The Mac Pizza is the Pizza version of a popular fast food hamburger, but only better. This Big Mac pizza will delight everyone in the family. Why not make this cheeseburger pizza recipe on the family fun night!

Caprese Garlic Alfredo FlatBread: Flavorful FlatBread

Caprese Garlic Alfredo FlatBread is Caprese meets Alfredo in this flatbread that is simply delish! …

(30 Minute) Burrata Pizza

30 Minute Burrata Pizza is a Neapolitan style pizza that you can make in 30 minutes, including that sauce! The combo of creamy burrata with a basil pesto and balsamic spinach bursts with flavor. …

Bacon Chicken Caesar Salad Pizza

Bacon Chicken Caesar Salad Pizza is inspired by Caesar’s Palace Resort in Las Vegas. It is Caesar salad meets pizza with grilled chicken and bacon toppings. …