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Title image for pork recipesPork recipes are the other white meat. Savory bacon to the succulent hams, that is what this recipe section contains.  Healthy and a lean meat, this white meat can capture your taste buds with its savory flavor.

Hawaiian flavors like pineapple can enhance the taste and you can shred it for a sandwich or just slow cook it as a roast, pork can come in so many different forms.

This a collection of all the pork-based recipes on Seduction in the Kitchen. From the BBQ types that are slow roasted in a slow cooker to gound up recipes like a ham loaf, if it is the other white meat,  then those recipes are going to be listed on here.

So go ahead and let your taste buds be seduced by these lean meat recipes.

Pork Spring Roll Bowl {Simple One Dish Meal}

Pork Spring Roll Bowl is an easy spring roll recipe. This egg roll in a bowl is a simple one dish meal you can make for your family. You love serving this pork spring roll recipe for dinner!

Hawaiian Ham Salad {Best Salad Recipes With Ham}

Hawaiian Ham Salad is a great recipe for leftover ham. Looking for Hawaiian recipes, this ham salad recipe adds sweet pineapple for a whole new taste. This is one of the best salad recipes with ham.

Hawaiian Ham Loaf {Pennsylvania Dutch Food}

Hawaiian Ham Loaf is a Pennsylvanian Dutch food. What makes this ham loaf recipe different is the pineapple added to become a Hawaiian recipe! If you are looking for a way to use up leftover ham this ham loaf recipe is perfect.