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Facebook CrossPosting Videos


Videos in the world of food blogging is the evolution in food blogging. Doing videos are really helping many bloggers. Even Facebook has realized this and added a feature for page owners called Crosspost.

  • What exactly is crosspost and why you should do it?

Crosspost is sharing others videos on your page. Wait, I do that already! Yes, I know. Crossposting actually takes your videos even further than simply sharing a video.


The ever changing algorithms of Facebook can make your post’s reach bad. Say you have 1000 likes on your Facebook page. Only 20 people actually see your post. So you share and that number may go up to 100 people. What about the other 900 that never saw your Facebook post on your page?

This is frustrating. Videos do fair better on Facebook. They too end up in this lousy reach. I was lucky if I could get 50 views on my videos. The

I was lucky if I could get 50 views on my videos. Then I learned about crossposting. Another blogger and I decided to do our own “beta” testing with it. After setting up the crossposting with her, the views went from 30-40 views to 500.Facebook CrossPosting Videos

You can see here where I was before crossposting and after I started. The view difference is amazing.

  • Why is there a difference?

What really appeals about crossposting is that the views that happen on my page for a video I crossposted count not only for me but for the page I am crossposting with. That is correct we both are being credited. So the views go up even more. Which means more people see my videos.

When you only share a video, the views won’t count towards your page. It only goes to the page you shared with. Facebook does offer a little insight into crossposting in the HELP section:

Facebook CrossPosting Videos

Crossposting really is a great way to not only help you but other bloggers as well on Facebook. It is a great way to also build a relationship with other bloggers too.

  • How to start?

Go to your page. On the far right, you see settings. Click that

Facebook CrossPosting Videos

You will then see on the left a whole list of options. Towards the bottom you see crossposting:

Facebook CrossPosting Videos

After you click that you will see where you can add pages you want to crosspost with:

Facebook CrossPosting Videos

After you added the page. That page needs to confirm you.

Facebook CrossPosting Videos

The easiest way to have them confirm you is to click on the link icon. When you do that you get this popup:

Facebook CrossPosting Videos

Once they click that link you give them. They then add your page and you will have a relationship with them.

  • Issues

Here is the thing you now have a relationship with this page to cross promote, but under publishing tools where it says videos you can cross promote, it is empty. You have videos. They have videos, but there is nothing in cross promote. WHY??

It is because you not given any of your videos permission to be cross-promoted. When you upload new videos, you will see a section when you add that will say cross promote. You click that select who you are giving permission to cross promote and you are done.

What about old videos in your library? What I discovered that was the best thing to do was to click on an old video in your video library it brings up the video.

Facebook CrossPosting Videos

Click on at the lower right, create a post with video. When you do that, you will see the crosspost will be on the new post. Click on it, select the pages you give permission to share your video.

As a bonus, by creating new posts for the old videos. It does help breathe life into them that your fans can see those videos. Which is good. Then sit back and watch your video views start climbing. Also, you also see your reach will climb as well.