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Drink Recipes

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Drinks will quench your thirst. They can be sweet, healthy, hot, and even have alcohol in them. There is nothing like a beverage recipe for all your needs.


If you are needing one to serve up at your party, or maybe just trying to beat the summer heat, having the perfect drink is what you are needing. Plus no matter what time of year it is, there is something that will satisfy and quench your thirst.


Even if you need to celebrate, or maybe just stressed from the day, you can even find some amazing cocktail recipes in here as well.


This a collection of all the Drink recipes on Seduction in the Kitchen. From the whimsical unicorn kisses recipes to sweet Hawaiian Iced tea recipe, it is listed right here.


So cheers! Go ahead and look, it is ok to let yourself be seduced by these recipes. Let yourself escape and enjoy these recipes.

Old Fashion Sweet Tea is also known as southern sweet tea. It is a simple iced tea recipe that is enjoyed during the hot summer months or any time of the year. You will love this refreshing summer drink, it is after all the house wine of the south!
Affogato al Caffe is an Italian coffee that is made with vanilla ice cream. This easy affogato recipe will be your favorite coffee drink!
polar icecap
Frozen Hot Chocolate is a wonderful and sinful chocolate shake recipe! This copycat recipe of the Serendipity restaurant takes hot chocolate turns it into a milkshake. This chocolate milkshake is perfect for the hot summer.
violet lemonade in clear cup with violet on top on black table
Tiramisu Latte
Pumpkin Pie Milkshake scaled
Hawaiian Ice Tea

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