Wine Chat Wednesday {Long Overdue Update}

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Long Overdue

It has been a while since I have done a Wine Chat Wedsneday. Why? Honestly it because of the phlebotomy job I have in Florida.

I took a position that is working nights. I get corrected in that all the time it is a 2nd shift, not nights. Up north, It is day shift, nights, and midnight. Nope here in Florida at this hospital, it is day shift, 2nd shift, and nights.

Life In Florida

So yes, life is different in Florida. And I had to adjust. However, working this 2nd shift actually has me upside down.

I don’t have time for a life. Let me give you an example I worked 1230-9, sounds like could do stuff with those hours right? No, I can’t.

I work 6 days sometimes with only 1 day off. You are so exhausted that you can’t recover in just 1 day. So nothing gets done. My poor cottage really needs a good cleaning. But I don’t have time for it.

Seduction In The Kitchen

Now combine working Second Shift with a food blog.. yes I can not do anything new on Seduction in the Kitchen. I have not had time to develop recipes, or photograph them as well. So I try in the morning to do SEO updating on old posts.

The Recipes Of Disney

The Recipes Of Disney is my side passion blog. It is an old blogger blog I am trying to breathe life into. I am taking all my Disney recipes from Walt Disney World and putting them into proper blog posts on a WordPress blog. 

So as I mentioned one day off after working six days, I need photos. I run to Disney to try and get some. Even that I am finding exhausting and cannot have fun doing. I can not even promote the Disney blog properly. Which is badly needed since it is a new blog.

It because of the work schedule. I will admit I am looking for a Day Phlebotomy job. This phlebotomy job is not working for me. It, not just the hours there are other factors too. 

I will say this, right before I got hired several employees quit. I am understanding why they all left. That’s all I am saying.

2019 And Future

Hopefully, soon I will be able to get a day Phlebotomy job or Seduction in the Kitchen suddenly makes a good income that I could retire from phlebotomy! Hey, that could happen. It is getting more views as I do the SEO!

Once I join the land of the living again and can actually go back to food blogging as I should. I do have plans for what I want to do. One of which is video.

I know I mentioned video before and dabbled in it. I was doing a few videos for The Recipes Of Disney, I admit I really enjoyed doing them! One video stands out that I personally loved.

Part a promise I made to myself for 2019 was to step out of my shell and be comfortable with myself. I am fat, I been judged my whole life based on the fact I am an overweight female.

I hate being fat, I been in countless diets. But I stress eat. I do have depression from having emotional and mentally abusive relationships in my life.

Part of why I moved to Florida is to just become the Dee I want to be, happy. I feel it is possible. Being down in the sun helps me so much. 

First I need a new phlebotomy job so I can actually live life, but I am doing small things to get out and be me.

That coke a cola store video is that. Me being in front of the camera showing off me. I am trying to push myself to be comfortable with myself.

I want to do actually in front of the camera cooking videos. I want to do something similar to that coke video for Seduction.

I also want to continue this weekly wine chat. As I update the old posts to SEO, which also means I had to take out most of the chit chat in those posts I had in them.

I have loyal readers who miss it. I admit I miss it too and wine chat is the best way to keep you updated on me!

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