Wine Chat Wednesday {Job Update}

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Job Update

When I write the post for Wine Chat, I usually write Sunday, on my phone, at the laundromat. It helps pass the time as your waiting on the spin cycle to get done on the washer.

Plus it is a time saver as well, I then email myself the post, and copy paste and publish on Wednesday. Which is what I did last week.

While I was at work Wednesday, I got a phone call. It was a Phlebotomy job I really wanted. The hours are 6:45-3:45pm Monday-Thursday. And 6:45-3pm on Fridays. No weekends, no holidays. Plus it more money without doing night shift!

I got the job! So I turned in my 2 week notice at the hospital. I am getting away from night shift and going to have a life again!

When I announced my resignation I had techs tell me they are happy for me but will really miss me. They could tell I knew what I was doing. They could talk to me. I was fun to be around. Plus I was told, the good ones always leave us.

Feeling Alive

This weekend was the first full weekend off in s long time. I actually slept most the time due to exhaustion. I did clock in 110 hours in 2 weeks. Yep, how much they have me working!

It bad when you have people saying to me, your always here do you ever get a day off? Anyway, you can see why I slept most the weekend.

When I woke up, I didn’t run to Disney to get videos or photos. I stayed at my cottage. I cleaned it, which was needed. I did my nails, something not done in a long time. I also did a recipe development and food photography. Something else I not done in a while. I felt alive!

Weight Off My Shoulders

I felt a weight come off my shoulders when I got the call offering me this new Phlebotomy job. I was put in the second shift because it pays more. They felt that was the best way to compensate a 20 year experienced phlebotomist.

Working second, 12:30pm-9pm sounds like it doable. If you have someone that can do a schedule. My supervisor can not. She schedules me 6 days in a row, one day off then 5 more days. It takes a toll on a person, especially when you are brand new to area and know no one.

I have no life at all with this hospital job. I admit I was going into a depression because of it. Knowing I’m going back to days, the relief I felt is amazing.

I am counting down till my last day, which is the 30th. I was originally scheduled off but the supervisor said to me:

“I know the 30th is your last day, but your off, I think it is nice if you work it since I now have to find coverage for your shift the rest of the week.”

I didn’t want an argument so I said yes to working it. I just want my leaving to be as smooth as it can be.

Same As Cleveland

Someone asked me, is this hospital lab as bad as Cleveland. The answer is no. It probably worse. By that I mean you don’t have the clique. It is more poor management.

One girl is like the clique and everyone complains. At least in Cleveland, there was structure. There is no structure at this hospital. I can’t explain other than saying this is the worst ran lab I seen in 20 years.

It did make me realize I like structure. Also made me realize, yes in Cleveland there were issues. However, in the running of the lab, it was actually good.

Every job there will be issues. But you have to have good management. Without that, you have a disaster on your hands.

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