Wine Chat Wednesday 4/24/19

I’m Back

Surprise! Long time since I have done a Wine Chat Wednesday. let’s pour a glass of wine and chat!

The last wine chat I posted was when I was still working at a hospital here in Florida in January.

I was hoping to get out of that hospital too. Well I did. About 2 days after that last Wine Chat, I was offered a better phlebotomist job. It is also DAYLIGHT! Plus it is only Monday through Friday. I love it!

No one knows how happy that made me. When I got offered the new job. That hospital I was at is the WORST ran laboratory I have seen in 20 years! The supervisor had no idea how to do a schedule. I was worked to death with only hours off to recover.

She clearly has no real phlebotomy experience either. Let’s put this way, there is certain measurements in phlebotomy that you are not to do and she does them. All I will say is if this was Cleveland, she and most that lab would have been fired!

If I had a medical issue, I would not go to that hospital. I would drive an hour out if my way to another hospital. It is that bad.

To give an example my first day, the person who was “training” me, was a phlebotomy student! I kid you not! So basically I was on my own to figure out the system. It is a good thing I know how to stick!

Wine Chat Wednesday 4/24/19 2

Taking a Break

That is the past. It is time for now! You may have noticed I wasn’t posting recipes like I was. Honestly I needed a break. Working nights and being over worked it wore me down. I needed to recoup.

It wasn’t just that. I have been plugging way close to 6 years on Seduction non stop. Plus I started Recipes of Disney it was being neglected. Which is not good for new blog.

I was overwhelmed, I had to take time for me. So yes I started having a life! I need stuff for the Disney blog. Every Saturday I do what is called Disney Bounding.

Disney Bounding

What is Disney Bounding? It is when you dress like a Disney character using regular clothes. Adults can not dress in costumes at Disney. So someone came up with this concept. Believe it or not it is FUN!

I post my looks on Instagram and in my Instagram stories I post things I see along the way during my Disney outing. Here is the looks I have done:

Wine Chat Wednesday 4/24/19 3


Wine Chat Wednesday 4/24/19 4


Wine Chat Wednesday 4/24/19 5

Daisy Duck

Wine Chat Wednesday 4/24/19 6


Wine Chat Wednesday 4/24/19 7


Wine Chat Wednesday 4/24/19 8

Cruella de Ville

Wine Chat Wednesday 4/24/19 9


Wine Chat Wednesday 4/24/19 10

Donald Duck

Wine Chat Wednesday 4/24/19 11
Snow White

Break is Over

You may have noticed, I publish 4 recipes so far this week. Yes, I am back in the blogging game. I needed the break. I needed to recharge. I needed fun!

New Recipes

One the reasons I needed the break is so I could create new recipes. Yes I was worn out with day job. Also I needed a break from everything. I’m not going into too much in this post but had a personal issue I’m not quite ready to talk about going on. I had to just come to terms with it. Truthfully that personal issue really paralyzed my recipe creativity.

I’m back and I’m cooking up new recipes. So enjoy! Plus help cheer me in as I get Recipes of Disney off to a new audience. I hope to get to Seduction in The Kitchen status!

Check out my the latest on my other blog:

[convertkit form=785110]

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