• Persia Burger for Burger Month

    May 14, 2017Deanna Samaan

    The Persia Burger is a burger that is inspired by Persian meat kebabs. Grated onion combined with minced meat and spices grilled together then topped off with a roasted garlic lemon aioli.

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  • Barbari Bread A Persian Bread

    January 28, 2017Deanna Samaan

    Barbari Bread is a Persian bread that is super easy to make and is wonderful to eat with a big bowl of soup!

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  • Ghormeh Sabzi – Persian Green Stew

    July 17, 2013Deanna Samaan

    Skip To Recipe Thank you for all the support over my Virgin Mobile drama I wrote about in the last post. To update, it is now in the hands of my bank. Virgin Mobile keeps talking in circles in all honesty. I was first told I was getting my money back and refunding right then…

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  • Persian Kebabs with Saffron Butter

    June 17, 2013Deanna Samaan

    Persian Kebabs with Saffron Butter, a twist on a popular Persian dish. It is full of flavor and wonderful to make. A recipe from Seduction in the Kitchen.

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