• Lemon Turmeric Grilled Chicken #CookoutWeek

    June 27, 2017Deanna Samaan

    Lemon Turmeric Grilled Chicken is a healthy and flavorful chicken that you can grill up for your family. It is a new twist on lemon chicken.

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  • Persia Burger for Burger Month

    May 14, 2017Deanna Samaan

    The Persia Burger is a burger that is inspired by Persian meat kebabs. Grated onion combined with minced meat and spices grilled together then topped off with a roasted garlic lemon aioli.

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  • Springtime Lemon Peep Brownies

    March 25, 2017Deanna Samaan

    Springtime Lemon Peep Brownies is tart meets sweet in this treat. You have the tart lemon brownie base with the sugary sweet Peep sitting on top is a marriage made in heaven. 

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  • Baked Lemon Potato Wedges

    March 16, 2017Deanna Samaan

    Baked Lemon Potato Wedges is a flavorful potato side dish that is loaded with a wonderful lemon flavor. These potatoes will easily become your new favorite side.

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  • Lemon Pound Cake

    February 25, 2017Deanna Samaan

    Lemon Pound Cake is a rich buttery cake loaded with lots of lemon flavor. This cake is perfect snack with a cup of coffee. 

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  • Citrus Swirled Loaf

    July 17, 2016Deanna Samaan

    Citrus Swirled Loaf is a fresh lemon bread with swirls of lemon and lime curd baked right in for a wonderful citrus taste. A recipe from Seduction in the Kitchen. 

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  • Lemon Meringue Pie

    December 2, 2015Deanna Samaan

    Skip To RecipeLemon Meringue Pie is full of lemon flavor that you will make your mouth sing with pure pleasure, a recipe from Seduction in the Kitchen. Life is weird. One moment your here the next your gone. You can do everything right, exercise, take supplements like greens. Do everything they say for a healthy…

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