• Bookies: Chocolate Chip Cookie Brownies

    August 20, 2017Deanna Samaan

    Skip To RecipeBookies or as they are better known as chocolate chip cookie brownies are the best of two worlds. It is part chocolate chip cookie and part fudge brownie and it is sinfully delicious.

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  • Springtime Lemon Peep Brownies

    March 25, 2017Deanna Samaan

    Springtime Lemon Peep Brownies is tart meets sweet in this treat. You have the tart lemon brownie base with the sugary sweet Peep sitting on top is a marriage made in heaven. 

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  • Red Velvet Brownies

    February 10, 2016Deanna Samaan

    Red Velvet Brownies are red velvet meets brownies with a cream cheese drizzle, they will delight your mouth with pleasure. 

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  • Peanut Butter Dream Brownies #Choctoberfest

    October 9, 2015Deanna Samaan

    Peanut Butter Dream Brownies is peanut butter and brownies marriage made in heaven. This brownie creation for #Choctoberfest will satisfy your sweet tooth!

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  • One Bowl Chocolate Cherry Brownies

    February 25, 2015Deanna Samaan

    Skip To RecipeI am wondering something about food. I have a co-worker, who eats nothing but fast food. Why because he always has coupons for the various places, so every day for lunch he gets Burger King, McDonald’s, or Arbys. He joined us for a celebration dinner of another co-worker, who was retiring, and the…

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