• Cinnamon Raisin Banana Bread

    July 26, 2017Deanna Samaan

    Cinnamon Raisin Banana Bread is a combination of cinnamon raisin bread and banana bread all in one loaf.

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  • Chocolate Chip Fluffernutter Nice Cream

    May 17, 2017Deanna Samaan

    Chocolate Chip Fluffernutter Nice Cream is a dairy free, healthy alternative to ice cream. It is super easy to make and will quickly become a new summertime treat.

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  • Banana Foster Bread

    January 22, 2016Deanna Samaan

    Banana Foster Bread is caramel and rum are added to banana bread to create the yummy Banana Foster Bread.

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  • Banana Pineapple Chocolate Chip Bread

    July 17, 2014Deanna Samaan

    Skip To Recipe Banana Pineapple Chocolate Chip Bread, a sweet bread that is a great combination of flavors. A recipe from Seduction in the Kitchen  I want to share with you a sweet ah huh moment I just recently had. I have been very busy with the day job as a phlebotomist. So I admit…

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  • Maple Walnut Oat Banana Bread

    October 8, 2013Deanna Samaan

    Skip To Recipe I feel a makeover coming soon! I recently treated myself to an herbal therapeutic wrap and I lost 10 inches doing it, and I think I am looking great! I am really seeing a great transformation in my body. It is time for a makeover, with me a makeover is doing something…

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