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Tortellini Caprese Skewers {Freaky Friday Recipe}

Tortellini Caprese Skewers is a deconstructed Caprese tortellini salad. The combination of balsamic marinated fresh mozzarella with cheese filled tortellini on these caprese salad skewers is perfect for a picnic. If you love Caprese salad, then you will love these tortellini appetizers.

Avocado Bruschetta {Healthy Avocado Twist On Traditional Bruschetta}

Avocado Bruschetta takes traditional bruschetta and adds some chopped up avocado and feta to the tomato topping. The balsamic just give this bruschetta with avocado recipe that burst of flavor that you will love. Even picky eaters will love this healthy bruschetta.

Bacon Wrapped Stuffed Fried Pickles {New Way To Enjoy Fried Pickles}

Bacon Wrapped Stuffed Fried Pickles is a new twist on fried pickles, stuff them with cream cheese and wrap them in bacon.

Marinated Garlic Mushrooms {Addicting Syrian Food Recipe}

Marinated Garlic Mushrooms is a wonderful Syrian food recipe that features marinated mushrooms that burst with a  wonderful garlic flavor. These Syrian marinated garlic mushrooms will quickly become your new addiction to snack on.

Marinated Olives (With Red Wine Vinaigrette)

Marinated Olives With Red Wine Vinaigrette is a tasty and healthy snack to have during a football game or any time you feel like an olive! A recipe from Freaky Friday!

Balsamic Dipping Tomatoes: Light And Tasty Bruschetta Salsa

Balsamic Dipping Tomatoes are light, tasty, and refreshing. This recipe is best to describe as”bruschetta salsa.” It is so addicting that you want to make it often.

Tropical Fruit With Moscato Glaze Quesadilla #SundaySupper

You are here: Home » appetizer Tropical Fruit With Moscato Glaze Quesadilla is a fun quesadilla to enjoy during the hot summer. Nice and refreshing is this sweet treat with a dollop of vanilla ice cream. …

Garlic Herb Parmesan Cheese Ball

You are here: Home » appetizer Garlic Herb Parmesan Cheese Ball is the perfect appetizer to serve up for a night of wine and laughter. Gather your friends, grab a glass of wine and enjoy conversation with this cheese ball appetizer. Facebook is the Devil I was bored. I finished writing Hawaiian Ham Loaf. The kitchen …

Pierogie Bruschetta

You are here: Home » appetizer Pierogie Bruschetta is a piergie twist on the classic bruschetta using a mushroom, bacon, green onion topping with a smokey cheese sauce. Have you started planning your Superbowl feast yet? I have to work the next day, so I am going light on what I do have. Plus, yes I …

Pomegranate Bruschetta Holiday Twist on Classic Bruschetta

You are here: Home » appetizer Pomegranate Bruschetta is a break away from traditional bruschetta with this holiday twist. The ménage of juicy pomegranate, crisp apples, and walnuts creates the perfect balance to the tangy goat cheese. This post is going to be a little different. I recently had the pleasure of being contacted by Ménage …

BLT Cheese Ball: 3 Ingredients and Simple to Make For Your Party

BLT Cheese Ball is a very simple appetizer you can make for any party. It has 3 ingredients and can be whipped up for a last minute holiday invite. It features a dip mix from HaloDips and it is the secret to this yummy cheese ball. 

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