SEO Services {Increase Your Blog Traffic}

SEO is important if you want to increase website traffic! What is SEO? It is search engine optimization!


What is SEO for blogs?

There are many aspects of SEO for blogs, from link building to long tail keywords. Yes writing a blog post with SEO in mind can be confusing. Especially when you do not understand what to do for SEO. 


SEO Services

When you do not understand SEO for blogs, you may want to use SEO services to help you out. That is what I am offering you, SEO keywords inserted into your blog post. By inserting long tail keywords into existing blog posts will help you increase website traffic!


I will do the research for SEO keywords that best fit your blog post. By choosing 3-5 long tail keywords and interjecting them into what you already have written will indeed help you see increased traffic to your blog.


Also, another part of my website SEO services I will do as well is set your blog post up for a better UX! Wait UX? UX is user experience. Another way to increase website traffic is to make sure the post is the best UX experience. Part of that is making sure the post is mobile friendly.



What do you get in SEO package? Let me break it down for you:

  • 3-5 researched and relevant longtailed keywords inserted into your blog post.
  • Slight rewording of the post so the keywords make sense (an example would be if the original post is about apple pie and you have written: I love apple pie. It is something that my family loves. The smell of it baking makes my mouth water. I would rewrite with the keywords to say:  I love apple pie. Homemade apple pie is something that my family loves. The smell of a baking pie makes my mouth water.
  • Structuring your post to make for a better UX on mobile devices.

What does it cost for this SEO Package? $5 a post, 10 post minimum. That is right for 10 posts this SEO service is just $50! What are you waiting for? Do you want to see increase website traffic? 

10 Post SEO Package


Once I receive your SEO order, I will follow up with a form for you to fill out for your posts. Turn around time for SEO posts is approximately 1 week.
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