May 19, 2013Deanna

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They say the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. Sometimes this is true, and sometimes you just find yourself a freeloader who just wants food, because he can not cook. Never the less, food is a wonderful and powerful tool for anyone. We are simply obsessed with food. Don’t believe me, then why do we have a cooking channel and a food channel? Look online at the thousands of recipes that are available every second on the Internet. We have a love affair with food.

I have had blogs in the past, but my most successful one was a food blog, what can I do to make mine stand out from the other recipe blogs out there? Then it hit me just be myself. I am a single woman that loves to cook and I am looking for that one special man to spoil. My life feels like it is a soap opera sometimes. What better source of writing material. Along the way I plan to seduce readers with my culinary delights I create in my kitchen, along with daily life as single woman. 

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