Chocolate Brownie Peep Bites

Just when you think you have things figured out, the game changes. At least that is what is going on with me and work. I spent all those months traveling 3 hours a day, three days a week. Then finally come March, I was back to my regular schedule.  I knew I gained instead of losing weight because, well I wasn’t active. It was very hard to be active when you’re in a car for 3 hours. So I had this whole game plan for some big changes in my life, once I was back to that normal work schedule.

Just as I am about to do all my new changes, I got a week notice I was being moved up 1 and half hours to close every other week. Why? Well let’s say the upper management is trying to be fair about closing. Normally it the one with the lowest seniority that goes to closing when the closer leaves. Which is what is happening here. Our closer at work is leaving. But the one with the least amount of seniority, was throwing a fit about moving up 1/2 hour. So they decided between me and her, since we are the full timers to move me up 1 and 1/2 hours every other week and her up a half hour.  We will not have the part timers in the mix as I was told, it would not be fair to them to redo their schedule.

Yeah, no, it isn’t fair, in fact it has me quite upset. Mostly because I was given a week notice to rearrange my entire life. That 1 and 1/2 hour can make a HUGE difference. In fact in the meeting I had, when they told me all this, the management was talking out both sides their mouths. First said, if it my week to work the closing, I get the weekend off, but that first week I close I work that weekend, I was told “Oh that the exception.” Then to say when I asked why are the part timers not in the closing mixture, I was told not fair to have them rearrange their lives, but it is ok for you to do it to me? It is a real mess.

So, I have to re think how I do things in my personal life, there is nothing I can do about this change. Yeah I am upset about it, I can either stew in the craziness that work causes or I can just make the most out of my personal time. I choose to make the most out of my personal time.

I been dying to do something with Peeps again. Last year I created a Peeps cocktail called Chillin with my Peeps. I wanted something fun just like that cocktail. Then I saw the mini Peeps at the store. They only come in 3 flavors, watermelon, strawberry, and chocolate.

Mmm, chocolate. These would be perfect on a pastry. That a little too easy. Death by chocolate kept coming to my mind, it all chocolate creation. That is what I have to do, but I wanted to make it easy. In fact I kinda wanted to make it in a no bake way, that way kids can help out with these. Brownie bites, pudding, and Peeps, perfect!

Chocolate Brownie Peep Bites

An easy chocolate no bake recipe you can make with kids and has mini Peeps and chocolate, a recipe from Seduction in the Kitchen.


  • Mini chocolate Peeps
  • Ready made chocolate pudding
  • Brownie Bites


  1. Line up your brownie bites.
  2. Spoon a little teaspoon of the chocolate pudding on the top of the brownie bites. Make sure to smooth it out a little bit.
  3. Place one of the mini chocolate Peeps on top the pudding.
  4. Then serve up your brownie creations and ENJOY!


Chocolate Brownie Peep Bites 2

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