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Title image for pittsburgh recipesPittsburgh is known for its cuisine. The over the top creations that pile on various foods is what makes Pittsburgh foods stand out.

I am proud of being a native Pittsburgher and love sharing my culinary creations that are inspired by my hometown. If you like fries on your sandwich, and a condiment of slaw on top, then you will love these recipes.

This a collection of all my Pittsburgh recipes on Seduction in the Kitchen. From the Famous sandwich recipes to the steak salad. You will want to wear your black and gold and have an iron city beer in hand when you taste these recipes listed on here.

So go ahead yinz and have an affair with the ‘Burgh recipes found here.

Kielbasa Bacon Bombs

Kielbasa Bacon Bombs is an awesome grilled kielbasa. This bacon bombs recipe is a cheesy stuffed bacon wrapped kielbasa. Ever wonder what to make with kielbasa? Then this grilled kielbasa recipe is your answer!

Pierogie Burger {Big Beefy Burger Topped Off With Buttery Pierogies}

Pierogie Burger is a marriage of a flamed grilled burger with buttery pierogies. The toppings on this juicy burger are everything you love about Pierogies. This burger month recipe is my hometown, Pittsburgh, PA burger!

Pittsburgh Steak Pomme Frites: Pittsburgh Taste On French Fries

Pittsburgh Steak Pomme Frites is inspired by the legendary Pittsburgh Steak Salad, Pomme Frites will have you wanting to eat fries the Pittsburgh way!

The Pittsburgh Panini: Pittsburgh Comfort Food Made In Panini Form

The Pittsburgh Panini is based on the famous Pittsburgh sandwich with fries and coleslaw but made into a panini! Pittsburgh comfort food made right at home.