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Omaha Steaks Filet Mignon with Cranberry Balsamic Reduction and Blue Cheese Butter

Everyone has someone in the family or a friend that is simply hard to buy a gift for. The one thing I seem to see with these people is you can never go wrong with the food. Giving a gift isn’t simply just giving over the food item, but you could also create a nice meal for that person. That sometimes is a gift in itself, a simple meal with good food. My friends and myself, we call ourselves “foodies” and our motto is: Good Food, Laughter, and Friendship. We came up with this simply because we are always going out to eat, or going to someone’s house to enjoy some good food, which ends up being a memorable night.

partyFor me, I have always had some type of food even to celebrate, with my friends, including the holidays. In fact, I just recently had my annual Christmas dinner with my friends at a local restaurant. Doing something with food always seems to satisfy, even the pickiest people, who are hard to get something for, you make them a great dinner, or even better a nice gift package of food, they will truly love you for it.

That is why when I found out I was picked to be a blogger for Omaha Steaks, I was excited. I knew with the Gift pack they gave me the entertaining I can do with it would make my friends so happy and appreciative of me. Plus one of my friends is a huge gourmet person, so by sharing some of these delicious meats from my Premier Collection 4737WEY gift combo from Omaha Steaks with him, like the pork chops, for example, he would be over the moon with joy.

Omaha Steaks manufactures, markets and distributes a wide variety of premium steaks, red meats, and other gourmet foods. These products are custom cut and packaged to serve the needs of various markets. They are a family business and have been since 1917. So you know quality and care goes into each product they sell.

I personally love the juiciest their meats have. The marbling in steaks is perfect for a good cut of meat. Each meat is individually flash-frozen and individually packaged so it is easy to take the gift combos and create your own little gift combo to give someone, or you can take out what you want to create a nice romantic dinner for someone.

photo 3That was what inspired this recipe, a romantic dinner for someone in your life. As we are all running everywhere trying to buy a gift, there is nothing more meaningful than a nice home cooked meal. I mean after all, they do have the saying, “A way to his heart is through his stomach.” To have a special meal, why not make it with a good cut of meat from Omaha Steaks. I choose to use the Filet Mignons 515WEY. The marbling on this cut of this beef shows me that it will be a juicy, melt in your mouth beef steak and perfect for me to impress a guy with. I mean, after all, men love steak, and this gift pack from Omaha Steaks is giving me a great way to have a nice holiday meal to impress a man.

Since this is the holiday season, cranberries are a wonderful flavor to make for a holiday meal. Add a little balsamic to that topped with a little blue cheese. What is also nice about this combo of flavors is that it enhances the natural beefy taste of the Omaha Steak Filet Mignon, not overpower it. It is the beefy taste that makes Omaha Steaks overall. Trust me with this great tasting gourmet steak you will have a nice romantic evening with someone. Do not let the name fool, you this recipe is very easy to prepare, it only looks like you slaved over the stove for hours.

#ad #omahasteaksgifts Omaha Steaks Filet Mignon With Cranberry Balsamic Reduction and Blue Cheese Butter #ad

Prep Time 10 minutes
Cook Time 20 minutes
Total Time 30 minutes
Serves 2

Gourmet meal to impress someone you love using Omaha Steaks Filet Mignon, with a cranberry balsamic reduction and a blue cheese butter


  • 2 Omaha Steaks Filet Mignons
  • 1/2 cup of balsamic vinegar
  • 1/4 cup of cranberry jelly
  • 1 tablespoon unsalted butter soften
  • 2 tablespoons of blue cheese crumbled
  • salt and pepper to taste


  1. In a small sauce pan, heat up the vinegar with the cranberry jelly. Bring it to a simmer, and let simmer for about 20 minutes, until the jelly has melted and the balsamic has thickened.
  2. As the balsamic is simmering, mix the butter and blue cheese together, and set it aside.
  3. The best way to cook a steak is to let sit out at room temperature for 1/2 hour prior to cooking or grilling. Season the Omaha Filet Mignon with a little salt and pepper, and cook for about 3-4 minutes on each side.
  4. After the steak is done cooking, place on a plate, drizzle the cranberry balsamic over the steak, then top it off with a dollop of the blue cheese butter and serve it up with the Baked Stuffed Potatoes 1381WEY from Omaha Steaks and then ENJOY!

by Recipe by Dee Samaan of Seduction in the Kitchen

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Omaha Steaks has provided me with the following product for a review on my blog.  I was not paid for this article.  All opinions of Omaha Steaks & the products are my own.


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