Sunshine Broccoli Salad

Life has ups and downs. Sometimes the downs make no sense as to why they happen like they do. One of my low pints I had in my life was my divorce and dealing with what happened to me in the marriage and why my ex did what he did. Years later, after that, someone told me a saying that really helped me. I like to share that saying with you, it very insightful, especially when your what they call a “starter wife” like I was, and like many women unfortunately become.

“You are a rare find, like a diamond. You have many faucets, beautiful, and have a shine and brilliance like no other. Your ex never realized what a rare find he had, he was was afraid of that shine and instead of treasuring it, he hid it away from himself and the world. Eventually his fear threw the diamond away. One day he realized what a find he truly had, so he knew it was lost, so tried to replace it. Eventually he settles on cubic zirconium. Cubic zirconium looks just like a diamond, it can be pretty, it can even have a sparkle like a diamond. However, when you really look at that cubic zirconium and get up close with it, you realize, you can see right through it. It has no facets, it is only cut glass, an imitation diamond.”

I decided to bring this up because I know someone who is going through a very hard time right now, I told her this saying. It helped her like it helped me in realizing we are special, we are unique, and we are diamonds. We end up with some who just don’t see how beautiful we really are, until we are gone, the replacement they try to find is just your copy, like a cubic zirconium.

I think we forget how special we really are, sometimes in the stress of the roller coaster of life, we simple forget this fact. So, just remember, you are a diamond. You can make yourself sparkle with the faucets you have within yourself. Sometimes to help our sparkle we do things that help us feel the sparkle, like getting our hair done, going to the gym, or simply making changes like re-decorating an apartment. No matter what it is, it all things to make your sparkle shine through your faucets.

One of my shining faucets is my redecorating my apartment, but it also making some healthy changes. my work has this weekly bushel of vegetables you can get from farmers. I decided for the month of June, I want to eat only fresh items. No cans, no process, only fresh. So the Farmer’s Market will be my best friend in June.

I got my first bushel, I know not quite June, but I wanted to see how this program worked. In it was broccolini. Only the bag said use by THAT DAY. Oh wow, I need to use this now! Broccoli salad was the only thing came to mind because it was a lot of broccolini, and I live by myself.  I decided to mix it up, I like broccoli salad, but I wanted something a bit different. So I saw 3 recipes, each was very different. I decided to combine all three and I came up with this great tasting recipe to use up my broccolini.

1 bunch broccoli
1/2 cup chopped apricots
1 cup sunflower seeds
1/2 cup slivered almonds
1 lb bacon, fried crisp and crumbled

3/4  cup mayonnaise
1 tablespoon sugar
2 tablespoons apple cider vinegar


Chop up the broccoli and put into your bowl.
Toss the broccoli with the almonds, bacon, apricots, and sunflower seeds.
Whisk the mayo, sugar, and vinegar together until smooth and well mixed.
Pour the dressing over the broccoli mixture, and mix up well.
Let it chill then serve it up and ENJOY!

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Hi i am Deanna Samaan, “Seduction in the Kitchen” started because I realized everyone has a love affair with food. I love cooking in free time when I am not cooking or baking, I am living life to the fullest by traveling, enjoying the arts, and connecting with people.

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  1. Thanks so much. I can empathize with anyone going through divorce as I went through mine after 25 years of marriage and it is tough being divorced after many years you don’t really know where to start from. It is so different and dating??? How do you do that after al that time…that can be so overwhelming just the thought of it even but great recipe and there is always that light at the end of the tunnel or a hand to help you up when you have fallen. Getting over the initial shock is the hardest but we are diamonds that have many faucets and are brilliant in our own. Right now it is just me and the little poochie but we are surviving quite well. Thanks for sharing.

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